Saturday, 4 February 2017

Fully Stocked!!!

DD and I nipped out yesterday afternoon and stocked up on things we were low on. Chicken, fish and veg for the freezer and store cupboard items so now I have everything I need to make meals for a month without having to do a big shop. We will just need fresh veg, bread, milk and maybe some eggs.
Ooooh I foresee a new pair of curtains in my future. I have been looking but can't see any ready mades that I like at all so it looks like I will be fabric hunting instead and making my own.

The plumber finally arrived this morning and our quote will be ready on Monday....again I won't hold my breath. I don't know if it's something in the air but tradesmen around here are so laid back that they are almost
He has given us a rough idea of the cost which made my eyes water just a bit but it will be worth it in the end......just the removal of the immersion heater and all the back boiler pipes will make it worth it to me as I will get a large storage cupboard on the landing and a pantry in the kichen.

It's quite a nice blue sky day here today. We are all doing our own thing. DD is still decluttering, Andy has done his jobs he wanted to get done and is now sofa hugging and reading the papers and I am as usual doing housey things....finshing the laundry and then there will be some ironing.
After an evening meal of gammon and salad we will all be snuggling down to watch some more episodes of Atlantis which we started last night. Not the best thing I have ever seen but watchable.

Thanks for all the lovely comments yesterday. I was so glad to know that I'm not the only one who hankers after the old

Hope you are all having a smashing weekend.


  1. Gammon steaks here courtesy of last nights meat raffle at the pub. We had half each which is plenty. Spent most the afternoon completing a very time consuming time sheet! Looking forward to meeting some new curtains soon then! x

  2. Gosh yes half each for me and DD is plenty although Andy being a meat monster has a whole one. Well done on winning yours.
    Urgh...paperwork was my biggest nightmare when I was self glad I don't have to do it any more-x-

  3. Its amazing how much space is freed up but equally amazing how quickly the space can be filled.

    1. Yes my mind the space is already filled. I know exactly what is going in both

  4. You actually got a plumber! My experience is that you celebrate if they just show up! Good luck with the refit.

    (my curtains are made with duvet covers) x


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