19 February 2017

The Sounds Of Spring!!!

The weather yesterday was nice enough to bring neighbours out into their gardens to start getting ready for the spring ahead.
It was lovely to hear the sounds of people being busy after all the weeks of watching them just scurrying from the car to the house door.
Lawns were being mown. logs were being split and cars were being washed. All signs that our little corner of the world is coming slowly back to life after what seems like a long grey few months.
Today we are expecting Andy's friend to arrive with his forklift to help move the shed down to the bottom of the garden now that it is emptied out. If he forgets to turn up then Andy and I will dismantle it and rebuild it on Tuesday when he is at home.

Today I have binding to sew on one little quilt and then I need to get the other one done which I am going to do in a different style....hand tied rather than machine quilted. I like a bit of variety in my

First I need to put the pork in to start cooking for lunch....late again as DD is at work. She'll be glad when it is Friday next week for sure although we have a very busy weekend lined up next weekend as she has asked if she can swap her bedroom up to the attic so she has a bit more space. I'm up for it but there will be a lot of shifting to do. I may ask if we can go out for our meal next Sunday.

Well that's about it from me today. Weekends here aren't very exciting....but they are our kind of weekends and we love them.

Hope you are all having a lovely day today.


  1. Was lovely here too...birds a singing...mowers a mowing...though not ours! Exiting to have a swop around sometimes. x

  2. It will be exciting for me not to have to climb two flights of stairs to clean the attic bedroom. DD will get that

  3. Hope you managed to get the shed moved. I love the old style hand tied quilts.

    1. Shed moved now thank goodness.
      I love the old style of hand tied quilts too-x-


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