10 February 2017

Teasing Weather!!!

This morning we skies that were heavy with the promise of something and tiny little snowflakes fluttering around.
Now we have blue skies and bright sunshine. I do wish it would make it's mind up.

An unexpected day off for DD today as she will be covering a weekend shift for somebody who has gone off sick so we had a little trip to Dunelm as I needed some new fabric scissors. I also had a browse around the curtains and found quite a few pairs that I liked....and a browse around the fabric made me ooooh and aaaaah quite a bit although I thought they had an extraordinary amount of PVC for some reason. Rolls and rolls of it. They also do quite a bit of cotton for crafting and patchwork at £5 a metre so I bought a metre for the doll would have been rude not

Home now and the fire is lit and there is liver, onions and mushrooms braising on the stove for Andy's evening meal. DD and I are passing on that and having chicken and salad instead which we are really looking forward to.

Tomorrow morning we have an early visit to see our Ruby for a birthday breakfast and then back home to start on emptying and shifting about in the sheds. Not looking forward to that.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend.


  1. We had to sort the sheds ready for moving, it is a horrible and tiring job. I do not envy you that tomorrow. Hope Ruby has a wonderful Birthday.

  2. All I can think of is spiders. I hate spiders:( -x-

  3. I'll pass on the liver too thanks. PVC...interesting! x

  4. I'm not averse to liver and onions but mushrooms are not my most favourite thing and the thought of eating it after 7pm didn't appeal either.
    Oooooh the do you fancy something run up in some patterned in brussels with Santa hats

  5. That zipped bag I made was that laminated cotton.

  6. Ps commiserations on the shed mularky

    1. I don't think it will be happening today Rachel-x-


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