01 February 2017

Just A Normal Wednesday!!!

It's still cold and very damp here and poor old DD is quite miffed that she can't get out in the garden. She has taken herself off out to shop for Ruby's birthday present instead.
I won't be going out until we take Ruby home after tea tonight so I'll be doing a freezer inventory to see what meat we have and if I can make it last until the end of the month.
Any money saved on the grocery bill will go towards some new curtains for the lounge....either ready mades or fabric for me to make some depending on what I find. I think I would prefer to make some as we have a very wide window that is difficult to get ready mades for and I do actually like making them.

The plumber was supposed to come last week to measure up and give us a quote for our conversion to oil but he didn't make it so now we are expecting him on Friday this week instead. I'll not hold my I would like it done soon if we decide to go ahead as that will save us having to buy another load of coal.

I've just had a lovely hot cuppa and got myself nice and warm and now I have to go digging in the freezers. I should have done it the other way round really shouldn't

Hope you are all having the kind of day you want to have.


  1. I think I'd be miffed as well if I had some time off and specifically wanted to do something that I couldn't get on with.

    Just a normal day here as well really with our usual trip to Bury although we did have Sienna in tow with us today. She's just decided to have a nap after being awake since 7am - it's 2.40 now - such stamina these babies have! so I'm trying to decide whether to have a brew, lurk around blogland or cut a piece of fleece out for a quilt. By the time I've made my mind up she'll probably be awake again.

    Have a lovely day - I think it's a Ruby day today isn't it? xx

    1. That's babies for you Suzanne...they always wake up when you decide to spend a few minutes doing something don't they.
      Yes it was Ruby day today and we've just got back from dropping her home. It breaks my heart to leave her but this week I have the added bonus of a couple of hours looking after her and Marlowe tomorrow night....yay.
      Hope you had a good time in Bury-x-

  2. Cold and damp...yuck. Looking forward to seeing your creations! x

    1. Same here again this morning.
      I can't wait to get creating-x-

  3. Sadly I have given in and taken to the sofa, this virus is definitely rough.

    1. Oh I am so sorry.
      Just when you could do without it.
      Warm and gentle hugs-x-


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