Thursday, 23 February 2017

I Gots Me Some Mojo!!!

Welcome back mojo.....I have missed you so much.

Projects so far.......

The quilts with little matching pillows.

Sleepover in a suitcase.

Ruby loved them and out came all the dolls to be changed into their nightclothes. She had a little game of sleepovers and then was ready for her tomato soup 😃

.......and to come..........

A quilt for Smudge.

The two packs of fabric offcuts were bought last year and not being able to get on with anything in the house yesterday I set to and got the largest squares cut that I could get out of the fabric which was 8"x8" and used little offcuts and a grid to decide how I wanted to place the squares.
This should turn out to be about 30"x30" which will be just big enough for our little fella.

The kitchen is just about back to normal after yesterday and this morning Andy and I have had to empty out the three brick sheds ready for the plumber to come and drill through for the pipes to the oil tank. That should only take an hour and he said he would prepare the base for the tank this afternoon. 
I will be amazed if that gets done as Doris has arrived with a vengeance and we have high winds and horizontal rain mixed with a bit of snow.
The oil has been ordered this morning and will be here next Tuesday ready for changeover on Wednesday and then no more lugging great buckets of coal about....hurray to that 😃

There is really not much I can do today now that the kitchen is tidy so I will get the quilt done for Smudge and then when DD gets home we will go and do some more sorting out for the room changeover after we have had tea.......Andy is treating us to fish and chips tonight as I wasn't organised enough with all the upheaval yesterday to decide what we would have today and so didn't get anything out of the freezer......bad Mrs Tea

Well I am ready for me coffee before I get the machine out.
Stay safe everybody.



  1. a strange sort of wa you will miss all the coal dust! We burn mostly wood and me and the dust are best buddies! I used to wear myself out dusting all the I'm slightly more laid back. Went into town this morning and was narrowly missed by a stand up shop sign that suddenly got wooshed along the have a pounding headache that I'm blaming on Doris. Keep safe. x

    1. I can assure you.....I will not miss the coal filthy
      We will burn wood when we get a new contraption in...which won't be for a while.
      They shouldn't be allowed to put those shop signs out when it's so windy....I nearly got taken out by one a few years ago.
      The noise is horrendous here from the wind. The rain has calmed down a bit though.
      Hope your headache shifts soon and you keep safe too-x-

  2. Happy to see your sewing, I dug out a quilt top and ironed it, then ironed the backing. When it came to making the sandwich I realised that the backing was the wrong one and too small. The correct one has been unearthed and tomorrow is earmarked for layering and pinning. It seems that my mojo has also woken up.

    1. It must be old Doris blowing the cobwebs away Pam.
      I must say I feel like I am getting back to my old self now my mojo is back.
      Can't wait to see your quilt....I have missed your quilting posts so I am glad your mojo is back too-x-

  3. Doris is whipping up here on the coast, causing havoc in more ways than one. Glad all is going well with the changeover to oil. Loved the sleepover case.

    1. Nearly 8pm and I think Doris is having forty winks now.
      Hope you haven't had too much damage-x-

  4. Doris is blowing a gale here, but not as bad as some places we've seen. Love the little quilts and matching pillows, it's good to get your mojo back xx

    1. We've not been out today but the plumber and DD have reported lots of debris and trees down on the main roads.
      Loving having my mojo back-x-

  5. Your makes are lovely Sheila. That's a simple cut clever idea to lay out a plan using off-cuts - I'm going to have to pinch that for future projects. So much easier than trying to lay out all the big pieces.

    Your work is getting done pretty quickly isn't it. Hope you managed to burn all your coal before the big change-over!

    Doris has paid us a brief visit, this afternoon was the worst with bins flying up and down the road. Thankfully she's left our fence panels intact this time which is jolly decent of her.

    I always think one of the best things about having jobs done is extra take-away meals. Not that I'm a big fan but it's so nice to legitimately not have to cook tea :) xx

    1. You pinch away hun. It was just something I came up with yesterday as I was limited to the fabrics in the scrap bags (which were a tad exspensive really for a dog quilt)
      and couldn't get over ambitious in the layout with not wanting to add more fabrics.

      Yes our plumber is pretty good really. We've used him for years...and his dad before him.

      Doris outstayed her visit she has quietened down now.

      What with emptying sheds this morning and swapping stuff round in the attic and bedroom I must admit I was glad of the fish and chips. They were very nice too.


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