Wednesday, 26 September 2012

My Princess!!!

Ruby trying out one of her many jewellery sets.
For this page I have used a kit from Sweet Shoppe called Sugar & Spice.
I have spent the evening digi scrapping after a quite traumatic visit to the nurse at our local surgery today. Details would just be too much!!!.......but I feel totally wiped out by it.
I'm off for an early night.
Bye for now.

Oh Dear!!!

This cold is well and truly kicking my butt. Just when I think it may be on the verge of clearing up it just seems to get worse. Miss Ruby on the other hand is over hers and full of beans and cheekiness again. She has been quite a handful this week but very amusing as always.
I am slowly adding to the pile of Christmas cards but need to get my finger out as I have just had an order in from a customer for seventy eight cards. As today is a Ruby free day I think I may have to knuckle down and see what I can get done.
Bye for now.

Friday, 21 September 2012


I just knew that I would catch that cold from Ruby. I've been feeling a bit yuck in my nose and throat for a few days and it came out with all guns blazing yesterday. Last night was torture as I couldn't have a drink or suck anything to relieve my throat as I was having fasting blood tests today so I had a pretty rubbish nights sleep.
I've struggled to make the four cards I've done today so I think I will be kind to myself and take a night off with a hot shower and a veg on the sofa to watch a film with hubby.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day as I need to have a good clean through the house. We are having a dinner on Sunday to celebrate DDIL's promotion at work so I had best show though the old body might protest.
Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, 17 September 2012

All In Green!!!

More like buried in a sea of green after a mammoth chutney making session today. I think meal choices for the next twelve months will be......."what would you like with your green tomato chutney today?"!!!
We've hardly had any red tomatoes this year and there are still loads of green ones left so maybe Fried Green Tomatoes a la Whistlestop Cafe will be on the menu.
Miss Doodle has been in the house today in real messy mode. She left earlier than usual but I am still now picking up foam circles, glittery pom poms and flash cards in little nooks and crannies from the back room to through to the lounge. Poor little sausage has got a cold so I am betting I'll have picked it up from her.......I usually do.
Well all that chopping and stirring has left me with very achey shoulders so I think a quick blast under some hot water and then back to my least favourite job of cutting out images by hand with scissors for layering.
Bye for now and thanks for popping by.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

The Boy!!!

Here's the little boy card to go with the one I posted yesterday. Exactly the same except I used a Spellbinder star die instead of a flower punch.
I can't believe I was up before the alarm this morning and raring to go. So glad it didn't rain as we had an amazing morning. I think I need to have another sort out before the next one we do in a permitting. I don't mind the cold but I draw the line at standing in a field in the rain.
Had to have a nap after lunch and woke up feeling a bit blurgh so a bit of gentle pottering tonight I think before an early night. Ruby is being dropped off at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning as her mummy has to catch an early train to London for a training day.
So that's me for today........hope you had a good weekend.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Warning....Cute!!! just had to be done. I am in desperate need of baby cards for the shop stand.
Baby face and bottle are from Cricut-Doodlecharms and the flower is punched.
Sentiment is by Rubbadubbadoo.
I am secretly chuffed with how it turned out for saying I don't like making baby you well know.
Today has been pretty productive on the housey front and we now have several jars of homemade jam in the store cupboard. There were some extremely bargainous strawberries at the veg shop in town yesterday......two large punnets for a pound and Mr Manic gathered some damsons for free today so I set about christening my jam kettles. Pretty scary stuff this jam making but the strawberry tastes divine. Slightly runnier than it should be but none the worse for it. The damson is gorgeous and I wish now that I had made more than the three jars I did.
Tomorrow DD and I are off to Moira again to do the car boot.....well depending on the weather when we get up. We are forecast rain so I shan't go if it is thrashing it down. Whatever we do the van has to be unloaded tomorrow as Mr Manic is back at work on Monday after a fortnight off. Luckily we don't have to lug it all up the garden steps and into the house as my kind hubby has cleared a huge space in the garden shed and we can park right in front of it.
I just have to tidy up this pit of a workroom and then I am off for a shower before I plonk myself on the sofa for a read. The book I am reading is just getting very tense and interesting after a slow start and I find myself reading bits of it whenever I can be doing something with one hand while I hold the book with my other hand. Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well I am still hobbling about with this flippin' bad back.....although it's more in my hip now. I had thought it was on it's way but it jumps up and bites me in the bum.....literally.....when I least expect it.
There is activity in the workroom but several designs are at different stages and need finishing off so nothing to photograph at the minute. Hoping to get them finished tomorrow after DD and I have been up and done a final sort out and tidy in the old workroom. I need to get it sorted into a room for Ruby in the next week or two as there is a possibility that she will have to stay one night a week so that we can take her to pre school on a Friday morning. She is so excited about having her own room at ganmas house.
I've had one or two.........oh go on then......three......crafty deliveries this week so I need to get the started cards finished so that I can play with new things too.
I just want to recommend to anyone who loves vintage images, Dover Pictura  Oh my goodness is fabulous. I love Dover Books but this goes one better and is a collection of downloadable images either in full book form or by the sheet. Most of the full books cost $7.99 which when I bought mine was £5.52 and one of the books contained over 500 images. How cool is that?
What really does it for me though is that whatever you buy is available on your account forever. So if you lose any of your collections you can just go back and download them again....awesome.
........and on that note I shall say goodnight and hobble off to do a bit more crafting before shower time.
Thanks for your visit today.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Little Crafter!!!

My gorgeous girl doing a bit of crafting on one of the days I had her before they took a few days off.
She was making a picture of her daddy. I hate to tell you how much glue ended up on it looked like he had some rather nasty skin condition.
It all looks very tidy and civilised in this pic but a few further on it became a different, messy, glittery matter altogether. It turns my few natural coloured hairs grey just looking at!!!
 It was a tad nippy......well no actually......bloomin' freezing at the car boot first thing yesterday. Eventually though the sun came out and bought out the crowds with it and it got very busy. We had another good day and we will be there again next week. I am rather enjoying it to be honest although I was shattered when we got back yesterday and was so glad I had made the casserole on Saturday.
No crafting for me tonight as DDIL is visiting. She needs a natter and a cuppa so I had best go and tidy Doodles stuff away and run the hoover over.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Christmas No 4!!!

I know Christmas No 4 doesn't seem as if I have made many cards but when you consider I am making these in multiples plus I am also making up some in older designs which you have already seen........ I ain't doing so bad.
This one is made using a Santa image from Kitschy Christmas available as a download at Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Papers are Dovecraft Christmas Basics Modern. Perfect for Retro cards.
Today has been just lovely. I sent Mr Manic off out to the butchers first thing to pick up some meat for a casserole for our lunch tomorrow which I have made today so that it's all ready to heat up when we get back from the car boot. Then he went out on a fact finding mission for the family tree which didn't yield an awful lot but he enjoyed himself and I enjoyed the peace just pottering about getting cards bagged up and doing some diecutting.
My back has eased a lot and I feel so much better now which is a good job as it's another 5am wake up in the morning.
We are going to be at Moira  again this week so fingers crossed for a good day.
Thanks for visiting today.

Friday, 7 September 2012


That is exactly what I have been doing today. Frittering away the whole flippin' day on Genes Reunited tracking down Mr Manics ancestors. It is so absorbing and I have unearthed a rather fascinating mystery which needs looking into.
I do have some cards to take pics of but not at this time of night so that will have to be a job for tomorrow.
My back is still giving me a lot of pain but come what may I shall be doing the car boot on Sunday in the hope that we get rid of enough stuff to be able to find enough space to store the leftovers. Mr Manic has been driving round all week with a van load of craft stuff. It's a good job he didn't want to pick anything up from!!!
Anyway I am off to do some Cricuting for an hour before bed.
Thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Christmas No 3!!!

Today we are going modern and using diecuts.
I love the turquoise and lime glitter makes my mouth water just looking at this combination of colours.
Dies used-:
Sizzix for the larger circle and Quickutz for the smaller.
X-cut for the trees.
Tim Holtz Mover and Shaper die for the deer.
Sentiment tag is a blank from Craft Creations with a peeloff greeting.

In the wars a bit today. I offered to have Ruby for a few hours while DS and DDIL had a grown ups lunch by themselves. Well my back was feeling a bit delicate after the marathon bathroom clean the other day and it went with a bang when I was lifting Ruby off the loo earlier on. So I am hobbling about with a stick now. Hopefully it will put itself right sooner rather than later but it's spoilt the day out Mr Manic and I were going to have tomorrow. I am working on hubby's maternal family tree and we have found ancestors in Froghall, Staffordshire. We were going to have a trip there to look around but it won't be tomorrow as I can barely walk.
Ah well I had best go and find some crafting I can do sitting down.
Thanks for your visit.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Christmas No 2!!!

This is a bit of an allsorts card with every element from a different company.
I'll start at the back with the music which was a free download from the Dover newsletter.
Patterned paper is DCWV.
Ornament is stamped from the Urban Stamps Home For Christmas set.
Tree is an old Sizzix die trimmed and stamped with a flourish from a Viva stamp set.
Gems were leftovers from the table scatters at DS's wedding.
So that is one design down for the traditional lovers and lots more to go as checking my stocks I have found that I don't have many left.

I'll be spending a late night crafting tonight (our visitors didn't leave until 7pm) but that will be after a little online shopping spree for a few crafty things I am lusting after.
First I have to go and track down the open window which is causing the most awful draught in here.
Bye for now....and thanks for your visit.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Not So Smooth!!!

I'm in a bit of a grump today......miserable old sow that I!!!
I make plans....lots of plans of how I will spend my time. So today I had planned to have a day making cards, taking photographs of said cards before packing them and then I was going to spend the evening prepping some cards to put together in between other jobs tomorrow. How far did I get? I made some cards and carted all the car boot stuff back down to the van as it was making the kitchen look untidy. Then hubby decides he wants a bbq for our evening meal, then we get a phone call to say that we will be having visitors tomorrow which puts the kibosh on me finishing off the painting in the lounge. I have just spent nearly two hours cleaning the bathroom so it's nice and fresh for the visitors, my knees are screaming and I am totally p'd off. I wish I was a drinker as a large glass of something alcoholic would go down really nicely just!!! I think I'll have a cup of coffee instead and have half an hour trying to get into this new book I started which just isn't doing anything for me at the moment.
On that note I shall bid you goodnight and apologise for being a misery gutses. Hopefully I shall be back tomorrow with pics and in a better mood.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sunday Booting!!!

What a fab day it's been today......despite the 5am alarm call.
Sold lots of stuff, bumped into an old school friend I haven't seen for years, ate the best bacon butty I have ever tasted in my life and came home to a Sunday roast cooked by Mr Manic.
In fact it was such a fab day that I shall be doing it again next week.
I've just finished emptying the van and condensing stuff down and now I have a date with some hot water and a bottle of Badedas shower gel.....mmm......mmm......mmm!!!
Oooooh I got some bargains too......two Tala jam huge one I swapped for a punch and a stamp and a smaller one for £3, a beautiful glass footed trifle bowl and a huge box of dressmaking patterns for next to nothing. The patterns aren't all dated but they range from the 1950's to the early nineties. Some I can use and others will be used on fashion or sewing themed cards. Eeeeeeh, I were dead chuffed.
Right....water here I come.
Thanks for dropping by.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


Well the van is loaded and all I need now is some customers who like a bargain.
An early night for us tonight as we need to be up at 5am but I still have a few hours to do some crafting and it's back to the Christmas cards.
Best have some tea first as the old tummy is rumbling a bit.
Thanks for dropping by.