Thursday, 13 September 2012


Well I am still hobbling about with this flippin' bad back.....although it's more in my hip now. I had thought it was on it's way but it jumps up and bites me in the bum.....literally.....when I least expect it.
There is activity in the workroom but several designs are at different stages and need finishing off so nothing to photograph at the minute. Hoping to get them finished tomorrow after DD and I have been up and done a final sort out and tidy in the old workroom. I need to get it sorted into a room for Ruby in the next week or two as there is a possibility that she will have to stay one night a week so that we can take her to pre school on a Friday morning. She is so excited about having her own room at ganmas house.
I've had one or two.........oh go on then......three......crafty deliveries this week so I need to get the started cards finished so that I can play with new things too.
I just want to recommend to anyone who loves vintage images, Dover Pictura  Oh my goodness is fabulous. I love Dover Books but this goes one better and is a collection of downloadable images either in full book form or by the sheet. Most of the full books cost $7.99 which when I bought mine was £5.52 and one of the books contained over 500 images. How cool is that?
What really does it for me though is that whatever you buy is available on your account forever. So if you lose any of your collections you can just go back and download them again....awesome.
........and on that note I shall say goodnight and hobble off to do a bit more crafting before shower time.
Thanks for your visit today.

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