Monday, 10 September 2012

Little Crafter!!!

My gorgeous girl doing a bit of crafting on one of the days I had her before they took a few days off.
She was making a picture of her daddy. I hate to tell you how much glue ended up on it looked like he had some rather nasty skin condition.
It all looks very tidy and civilised in this pic but a few further on it became a different, messy, glittery matter altogether. It turns my few natural coloured hairs grey just looking at!!!
 It was a tad nippy......well no actually......bloomin' freezing at the car boot first thing yesterday. Eventually though the sun came out and bought out the crowds with it and it got very busy. We had another good day and we will be there again next week. I am rather enjoying it to be honest although I was shattered when we got back yesterday and was so glad I had made the casserole on Saturday.
No crafting for me tonight as DDIL is visiting. She needs a natter and a cuppa so I had best go and tidy Doodles stuff away and run the hoover over.
Bye for now and thanks for your visit.

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  1. Great pic, isn't she growing up!! Have you found a new use for Raid in the craft world??? xxx Kim Murray


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