Monday, 3 September 2012

Not So Smooth!!!

I'm in a bit of a grump today......miserable old sow that I!!!
I make plans....lots of plans of how I will spend my time. So today I had planned to have a day making cards, taking photographs of said cards before packing them and then I was going to spend the evening prepping some cards to put together in between other jobs tomorrow. How far did I get? I made some cards and carted all the car boot stuff back down to the van as it was making the kitchen look untidy. Then hubby decides he wants a bbq for our evening meal, then we get a phone call to say that we will be having visitors tomorrow which puts the kibosh on me finishing off the painting in the lounge. I have just spent nearly two hours cleaning the bathroom so it's nice and fresh for the visitors, my knees are screaming and I am totally p'd off. I wish I was a drinker as a large glass of something alcoholic would go down really nicely just!!! I think I'll have a cup of coffee instead and have half an hour trying to get into this new book I started which just isn't doing anything for me at the moment.
On that note I shall bid you goodnight and apologise for being a misery gutses. Hopefully I shall be back tomorrow with pics and in a better mood.

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