Monday, 17 September 2012

All In Green!!!

More like buried in a sea of green after a mammoth chutney making session today. I think meal choices for the next twelve months will be......."what would you like with your green tomato chutney today?"!!!
We've hardly had any red tomatoes this year and there are still loads of green ones left so maybe Fried Green Tomatoes a la Whistlestop Cafe will be on the menu.
Miss Doodle has been in the house today in real messy mode. She left earlier than usual but I am still now picking up foam circles, glittery pom poms and flash cards in little nooks and crannies from the back room to through to the lounge. Poor little sausage has got a cold so I am betting I'll have picked it up from her.......I usually do.
Well all that chopping and stirring has left me with very achey shoulders so I think a quick blast under some hot water and then back to my least favourite job of cutting out images by hand with scissors for layering.
Bye for now and thanks for popping by.

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