Saturday, 15 September 2012

Warning....Cute!!! just had to be done. I am in desperate need of baby cards for the shop stand.
Baby face and bottle are from Cricut-Doodlecharms and the flower is punched.
Sentiment is by Rubbadubbadoo.
I am secretly chuffed with how it turned out for saying I don't like making baby you well know.
Today has been pretty productive on the housey front and we now have several jars of homemade jam in the store cupboard. There were some extremely bargainous strawberries at the veg shop in town yesterday......two large punnets for a pound and Mr Manic gathered some damsons for free today so I set about christening my jam kettles. Pretty scary stuff this jam making but the strawberry tastes divine. Slightly runnier than it should be but none the worse for it. The damson is gorgeous and I wish now that I had made more than the three jars I did.
Tomorrow DD and I are off to Moira again to do the car boot.....well depending on the weather when we get up. We are forecast rain so I shan't go if it is thrashing it down. Whatever we do the van has to be unloaded tomorrow as Mr Manic is back at work on Monday after a fortnight off. Luckily we don't have to lug it all up the garden steps and into the house as my kind hubby has cleared a huge space in the garden shed and we can park right in front of it.
I just have to tidy up this pit of a workroom and then I am off for a shower before I plonk myself on the sofa for a read. The book I am reading is just getting very tense and interesting after a slow start and I find myself reading bits of it whenever I can be doing something with one hand while I hold the book with my other hand. Thanks for stopping by.

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