Monday, 31 December 2012

Oh My!!!

I am happy to report that there has been activity of a crafty nature going on here at Manic Towers. No pics today though....sorry. The light is awful here at the moment so I am going to dig out my daylight lamp and try that tomorrow.
A lot of the cards are only quickies as I desperately need stock for the shop. I've gone through my unfinished cards and finished those off.....and packed them....go!!!
The money I got for Christmas has been well and truly spent on some fabulous crafty goodies. The XCut sewing themed dies are now awaiting a playing session as are the new Chronology paper stack and cogs dies. I also bought the latest Creativity magazine for the free stamp set to go with the paper and I have my eye on a few more things yet such as dies, fabric paper, stamps and I need any!!!
Tomorrow I have the Doodle Bird for the day and it should be a good day as I have spent some time over the weekend cooking stuff for the freezer to pull out for meals. This means Ruby can have all of my attention....she hates me being in the kitchen. As soon as my apron goes on she is telling me to 'take it off ganma and come and sit down'. Well tomorrow I can do just that and she will be well chuffed.
Anyway.....I had best go and get some sleep.....although I am wide awake so it will be a reading session first.
Thanks for your visit.

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