Thursday, 20 December 2012

House Gremlins And Stuff!!!

Well The Gathering was fabulous apart from the fact that I ended up with no hot water in the kitchen due to a busted mixer tap. I could only get cold water so was filling kettles to boil for the washing up.
Got a new tap in for the plumber to fit yesterday. He arrived before nine and as hubby was here DD and I went off to town with Miss Doodle to get a few bits and bobs. When we got back the plumber was still here so I knew something was wrong. He had discovered a problem with the whole water system for the house and was having problems getting the hot water flowing. He's sorted it for now but I think we are going to have a very expensive time ahead as we will need to get it fixed permanently.
Miss Doodle has been very good today....even around town. She was a little angel. This was my last day to have her now until later next week but I'll see her Saturday as we are off to Shugborough to see Santa and I am being treated to breakfast at Frankie and Bennys before we go. I am really going to enjoy the day.
Tomorrow DD and I are off out for the day to finish off the shopping but I will be avoiding town like the plague and visiting Bridgemere and Trentham instead.
Hope you are all on track with your festive preparations.
Bye for now.

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  1. Hi Sheila

    Why is it that things like that go wrong at this time of year. Hope it doesn’t tune out to be too expensive to fix.
    I just wanted to pop by to say thanks for all the fun and inspiration you’ve shared over the last year and to wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.



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