24 December 2012

.......And Breathe!!!

This last week or so I don't know if I've been on my head, my posterior (to put it politely), or my elbows. I've been here, there and everywhere doing stuff mostly for other people and haven't had a minute to myself. Consequently I am feeling rather stressed and not at all festive but hey ho it's here now and I can breathe a bit easier knowing that the shops are shut and what we haven't got we can do without. 
Having said that we are doing without quite a lot this year as I have been deeply touched by stories in the newspapers about people who have to resort to food banks to be able to feed their families. 
I decided to look at where I could make reductions in our Christmas food shopping and spend the saved money on food to donate to the collection point when it came to our local Tesco. 
This is something I would like to carry on in the new year and I'll be researching to see if we have a local bank I can contribute to regularly either with donations or voluntary work. 
I'm no 'do-gooder' but the stories I have read have broken my heart.

Anyway......I wish you all a very Happy Christmas. Hope Santa is good to you and you get your wishes.
Love from

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  1. good on you Sheila. Merry christmas to you and your family. I hope ruby doodle has a great day and you get some crafting soon.


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