Monday, 27 June 2011

Quick, Quick!!!

 You know.......we say quick and easy cards and they are.....if you've spent several hours doing all the diecuts!!!
A simple Good Luck card using up more of the bright spotty paper and a free stamp from Craft Stamper.
Embellishments are a flower gem and some Magenta corner peeloffs.
I had a bagful of these Prima flowers so I had a good sort out and used up what I could. The rest went in the bin as they were either a bit chewed up or they were strange colours that didn't colour very well with Promarkers.
The circles took me hours.........the card......five minutes.

Well I've been that flippin' hot today I think me mojo was in a puddle on the floor so I have spent pretty much all day sorting out card blanks and envelopes ready for my mega delivery of card from The Paper Mill tomorrow. One big box of cream, one big box of white, a box of A3 creams and whites, a box of black and a box of cream felt mark. Gawd only knows where it will go but I am so short of of everything that it had to be ordered.
Took a break for an hour to look after Princess Doodle while her daddy went for a check up at the docs. I think we looked at every book in her collection and she must have about fifty here. My nice tidy living room looked like a bomb had hit it when she went home.

Mr Manic is back from work and has been fed and watered and DD has gone off to work so I think I'll go back to my card sorting for an hour or so. After that it will be a cool bath and a session on the sofa watching some more Bones.........I am so hooked.

Tara for now and thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Very cute. I love all the little flowers. A simple repeat design can be quite impressive. My daughter made a similar one last week.


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