21 June 2011

Mad Morning!!!

This morning in a mad burst of late onset spring cleaning I decided to tackle the cleaning of the cooker before it choked us all to death.
It was disgusting and I was totally ashamed but two hours and much aching of arms and shoulders later the job is done and I feel extremely virtuous.
My reward was a lovely couple of hours or so up in the workroom where I made six cards to fill up the box for the shop. Things then went a bit downhill with the start of a migraine. I went and had a lie down and it seems to be on it's way out now. I just feel like my head is falling off when I look down. Another dose of painkillers should sort that out and then I'm back off to do some more crafting.
As you may be able to tell.....Ruby isn't here this week. Her daddy has booked the week off as it's his birthday on Thursday. They did pop in for a cuppa yesterday after a morning at the park and I am babysitting on Thursday night while DS and DDIL go out for a meal so at least there have been some and more to come cuddles from my little angel.

Thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Oh boy Sheila, you are putting me to shame. Would you like to come and tone those arm and shoulder muscles up some more by cleaning my oven? No? Spoilsport!!!

    My patient (Mum) is going home tomorrow and I have plans to hot foot it up the A1 a week come Friday to collect my eldest little angel from nursery. I haven't seen Izzy since I took her back home a few days after the wedding and I can't remember the last time I didn't see her for four weeks. She gives the bestest cuddles too.

    Glad you've seen off the migraine.

    Lesley Xx


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