Thursday, 16 June 2011

Day Off......What Day Off?!!!

 Just look at this gorgeous poppy. No sign of it yesterday. It was peeping out of it's bud when I got up this morning and by the time I had had a cuppa this is what it looked like. Loads more buds to break open yet so it's going to look pretty awesome when they do.
Not bad for a few seeds scattered randomly at the end of last year.
Another card made with the Provo Craft chipboards plus some letter stickers.
I have had the chipboards for at least five years......maybe longer and the same with the stickers so I think it's fair to say that they have been stroked for long enough and need to get out and earn their keep.

Well today I was going to do wonders upstairs as it was my day off from having Ruby. DS called with her at 9:30 am to borrow a pack of baby wipes to take with him to playschool because he'd forgotten to pack some. Then they called again at lunchtime to borrow the pushchair as DDIL had got theirs in her car and she was at work. Then to cap it all tonight after I had seen Mr Manic and DD off to work and cleaned up DS phoned to say he was coming round with a load of washing for the tumble drier and he was here until about 9:00pm. I finally got upstairs just after sink into a nice hot bath.......bah!!!
I told Mr Manic when he phoned me tonight that if I don't get some decent crafting time in from Friday onwards that I am leaving home and going to live under a hedge on the motorway. It's got to be more peaceful than our house is at!!!

Anyway.....thanks for dropping by.

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  1. Ooooh Sheila, your day sounds sooooo familiar. Kids, who'd have 'em, eh? Lol! Hope your weekend gives you the time you want but don't hold your breath~!!!

    Lesley Xx


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