Friday, 24 June 2011

Ding Dong Merrily On High!!!

.......and so it begins. Flamin' June.....yeah right and here we are back at the Christmas cards. I started off very gently by using some of the diecuts I did the other day and I have to say I love this card. It is just the sort I would buy myself. Good job I do like it as I have made twelve. Six in white with gingham ribbon and six in cream with tartan ribbon.
The foliage used to make the wreath is a from the Tim Holtz Alterations die that's got the shield thingy and banner on it. The bird is from the Caged Bird die.....with his legs chopped off.

Today I have managed to make another twelve everyday cards. All the same design but in different colourways. I'm cooking on gas me you know. I've even put all the inserts in and bagged up all of the cards I have made over the last few days. It has helped that Mr Manic has been at home and helped out with the cooking and stuff. He is an angel.

Went and babysat Miss Doodle last night. She was a bit crotchety but only to be expected as she has had a little accident. She loves playing chase but when she was playing the other day she fell and skidded along the carpet on her nose. She now has a lovely carpet burn from the tip of her nose to her forehead. I could cry when I look at breaks my heart.
Talking of hearts.....mine nearly gave out last night while we were at the cottage. Sitting reading my book and minding my own business I saw something shoot across the carpet out of the corner of my eye. It was a mouse. Oh my gawd I nearly died. I'm not over fond of mices...have you seen how quick they move? I couldn't wait for DS and DDIL to get back so I could get home. Then to cap it all I had forgotten that DD had parked the car by a tree and I walked into a branch that was hanging down. Pity there was nobody about looking for people to scream in horror films.....I'd have got the!!! Oh the joys of living in the country.

Well I think I deserve a bit of snuggle time with DD now. We're watching a series on DVD called Bones and it's rather good.

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  1. What a fab card Sheila. I might have to use something like this for my personal cards this year as I'm going to need something quick. It's so effective.

    Poor Ruby Doodle! My youngest Granddaughter skinned her knee quite badly a couple of weeks ago and the scab was just starting to lift around the edges and she went and did it again (only worse) on Wednesday just before I picked her up for my usual childminding stint. She spent the first hour cuddled on my knee in tears. Oooooh, it looks so sore! It does break your heart to see them hurt I agree.

    Lesley Xx

  2. I had to look twice Sheila when I saw the title of this post ! Can't believe your on Christmas already ! I love the card and I love how you've used the die cuts. I went all goosey when I read about the mouse ! OMG I would have been out of there like a shot ! Sue C x


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