Saturday, 18 June 2011

Long Day!!!

For some unknown reason I was up at the crack of a sparrows doo dah yesterday and despite having time to do some crafting all I managed was four measley cards.........and all the same at that.
Did however manage to reduce a huge box of cream and white offcuts into usable pieces by diecutting and paper trimming plus I sorted out a bag of Prima flowers and finally chucked out all the manky ones.
Just need to do something with the box of coloured card offcuts and the humungous box of paper offcuts now and then I shall feel all tidy and!!!

I think Mr Manic could do with a bit of sorting out. He came home yesterday with another two oil lamps that don't work to add to his collection. I wouldn't mind if they at least looked nice but they are the tattiest old things you ever did see.........and he won't let me paint them.....mean old thing. I can just see them painted, one in a lovely dark red and one in dark green to have on the mantle piece at Christmas. Oh well at least he did get me to go online and track down a mantle and some lamp oil to see if he can get at least one of them working.

Well I'm off to bed. It's going to be a bit busy tomorrow as we are having Father's Day a day early. Mr Manic has had his shift changed and is now doing twelve hour day shifts.....starting Sunday so we are having Sunday lunch tomorrow.......and I still have to make his card.

Bye for now and thanks for your visit.


  1. Well you still had a fairly industrious day on the crafting front Sheila. Mine was spent on the dreaded h.......k!

    I should work on Mr Manic if I were you 'cos your idea for those lamps sounds fab.

    Thanks for reminding me about Father's Day. Would you believe I had completely forgotten! It's with having my 'lodger' (Mum) for the past two weeks who seems to have given up thinking for herself completely while she's been here! My Brother is taking her out for the day so I might get chance to get in the craftroom.

    Lesley Xx

  2. Hi Sheila.
    How is it we can have a box full of cards but never one suitable for what we want? I too am making Father's Day cards today! Sandra

  3. Hi Sheila

    How lovely to stumble across you on here and fab to see loads of unmistakably YOU cards, youve definately still got the magic touch that inspires so many others! This is Sue by the way from Hilton, one of your former Monks Den pupils at Tutbury! I shall definatley keep an eye on what you are doing now ive discovered you. Take care XX


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