Wednesday, 22 June 2011

......And She Has Finally Flipped!!! yesterday I cleaned the cooker. Now normally a one big job like that is enough for me in a week but there must be something in the water round here as today I have only gone and finished.....yes I say finished......papering the stairs. All that remains to be done now is the painting and for the first time in.....ooooh years.....I shan't be ashamed to open the front door to anyone. How fab!!! This weekend the builder is coming to repair the rendering and sort out the ridge tiles. We booked the job ages ago but another huge job came along for him which he couldn't turn down. Anyway he is also bringing us the bathroom brochures to look at and once we have sorted out what we want I am hoping he will be able to get that done. Gawd we shan't know ourselves!!! Mr Manic says I can have it gutted and whatever I want done so the word is going to be streamlined. It's a very small bathroom and difficult to clean so I want a tiled floor and walls, I want pipes hidden and a sink without a pedestal. Oooooh I am so excited.

After finishing the papering this morning I decided that I deserved a treat so DD took me up to the garden centre where they had had a new delivery of Viva stamps. Well three sets of Christmas ones sort of attached themselves to me plus a set of Go Kreate dies and two reels of some rather nice grey striped ribbon. That little lot filled up my loyalty card so I got another set of dies for free.
This afternoon I have sat doing some diecutting ready for Christmas cards and reduced my bags of red card offcuts from two to about three quarters of a bag so that's a job well done.

A message for Sue C........I love your pirate card and did try to leave a comment but for some reason I can't....sorry. Google won't let me sign in even though I can sign in to my own blog.

I'll get the draw stamps packed and posted in the next couple of days to the ladies who have let me have their details.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Oooh, you are being industrious Sheila, lol! I absolutely detest decorating ............ which is why I AM ashamed to open my front door, lol ..again!

    Your trip with DD sounded like a very satisfactory one with some nice purchases. Just what a girl needs after being virtuous!

    Lesley Xx

  2. So glad you've achieved with your decorating and delighted to hear "Christmas cards". Can't wait to see your creations. Karen from Aus xx


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