Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Timeless Beauty!!!

Today I thought I would have a play with some of the new features I have now that I have the full version of Digital Scrapbook Artist from Serif.
Brushes have always been a bit of a mystery to me but see those beads........that is a brush and I have been able to alter the colour to suit my layout.
The tiny white stars are also a brush. Up until now all I've used brushes for is sweeping the back yard.
The wiggly edge on the green at the bottom is a scissor tool.....need a bit steadier hand for!!!
I am really loving playing with this fabulous toy but I will have to ration myself else I shan't be getting anything else done.
The image I have used is from Graphics Fairy
Today turned out to be quite busy at the shop so I didn't actually get anything new made.......just got stuff cut up ready for the class on Friday.
I was relieved that the fun fair didn't start up until just as I was locking the door at four 'o' clock. It's not that I don't like fun fairs as's the noise.
Could have quite cheerfully killed for a burger though. They started cooking them at about three 'o' clock and the smell was driving me demented. That's one of the best things about fairs........the smell. I resisted though.....being the good girl I am..ha ha ha!!!

DD has been asked to do a speech at the wedding and she let me read what she had written tonight. I had a lump in my throat as big a flippin' football and if there is a dry eye in the house I shall be most surprised.

Ah well time to tip my toes up I think. I was up and out early this morning and am fair whacked now.
Night night.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. fabulous - my digital scrapbook is sitting on the shelf - I must get it out and have a go.
    Ann xxx


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