Sunday, 26 September 2010

Snuggly Sunday!!!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday.......I had a date with a papertrimmer and  over 300 sheets of card.
So I expect you can guess that I am up to my ears in cupcake!!! I have everything cut out and most of the bases scored ready to assemble. The finished box is looking pretty pathetic though with only ten finished boxes in it.
Being so busy with the boxes means I didn't get time to do any card making so I have had to have a ferret in my archives and see if there was anything I have not posted before.
I don't think this one has been posted.
My favourite Santa stamp.
The snowflakes are stamped onto acetate then mulberry paper has been adhered to the back with floor wax.
Here is my latest digital scrapbooking page which has been done in the midst of all the cutting and scoring to give my shoulders a rest.
This is Ruby at a few days old with her Grandad.

Right......that's my break over for now. I just came down for a cup of tea and now it's back to work.

Thanks for your visit today.

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  1. Hope you managed to get that ferret out of your archives. It can be a nasty business if you don't nip it in the bud.


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