Thursday, 23 September 2010

Little Boxes

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3
Tonight I have rushed home from work knowing that there would be a parcel of goodies for the cupcakes I am making for the wedding cake and that I had better get my finger out and design the boxes that will hold the said cupcakes on the day.
They need to be quick and easy to make which I have tackled but I am not sure which of the embellishments I like best at the moment.
The box itself needs a very slight adjustment and once I have that sorted and my mind made up about the embellishment I shall go into production........I have to make 150....ish. Wish me!!!
I am pretty chuffed with the heart which I designed in Digital Scrapbook Artist. It looks really dimensional but is actually just a flat piece of card as the boxes will probably have to be stacked.
I am so glad that I am not starting them now. After a day of cutting stuff up at the shop for thirteen people on the class tomorrow I think I would have cried if I had to cut them all out tonight.
The cupcakes will be plain sponge with vanilla frosting which will be sprinkled with silver dust and decorated with a claret sugarpaste heart.......and yes I have to make all the hearts for that too.......I must be mad.

Anyhoo....I am off for a mooch around Blogland before I chuck myself in bed. Better have an early night and get my strength up for tomorrow.

Bye for now and thanks for dropping by.


  1. Ooh these look great Sheila. I thought the embellishment was 3D until you said it was flat. Beautiful ! Sue x

  2. Hi Sheila, Sorry I've not been by for a week or so. I was away for a few days at my Daughter's discussing ............. A Wedding, Lol! Since I got back I don't seem to have had a minute to spare so blogland has taken a back seat I'm afraid.

    I love the Christmassy things you have posted earlier and your wedding makes are coming along nicely by th looks of things. I certainly won't be making a load of cupcakes though. Luckily DD has a lovely friend who is making those as I dislike baking totally these days.

    I too thought the hearts were 3D. How clever and the boxes as with everything you make look so professional (even better actually).

    Lesley Xx


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