13 September 2010

Productive Day!!!

I've spent a fabulous day up in my workroom today. Done lots of prep work and made quite a few simple Christmas cards to use up some stash.
For this card I have used some Basic Grey paper and cardstock letters (coloured with a permanent marker).
The snowflakes are peeloffs and I managed to finish the sheet and throw it away....yay. Needless to say.....they will not be!!!

DD is on the planning team for DDIL's hen night on October 2nd and today she dressed up in her outfit for the night to show me........she looks fab. I'll tell more after the event as DDIL has no idea about anything that is going on apart from the theme which is 'The Oscar's'. I have no energy to drag my sorry carcass on a pub crawl so will be babysitting my Ruby Doodle at home for the night.

Well I am running late tonight so I must go and throw myself into bed and get some shuteye. We have an all day class tomorrow with lunch for the ladies so it will be quite hectic.
Thanks for your visit.


  1. Beautiful all the trees.

  2. Great card Sheila, great way to use up those peel offs too ! Sue x

  3. Hi Sheila . . . . I love this card. I have taken a diagram of it and will be having a go at it myself if you don't mind. It's fab. Thanks Elaine in NZ


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