Wednesday, 31 December 2008

New Year Card!!!

I got an order in for a New Year card yesterday which luckily wasn't needed urgently.
Can't remember doing one before and I had quite a few ideas mooching around before I settled on this design.
The background paper and sentiment were made on the computer and the landscape was cut on Jimminy Cricut using the Plantin cartridge which came with the fortunate was!!!
I pieced some silver card behind the windows and highlighted the landscape with a white gel pen.
The firework trails have been done with a clear Stardust pen....(if that's a clear pen then I am going to eat it!!! It looks silver to me whatever I use it on).
Fireworks are star shaped gems attached with Glossy Accents.
The picture isn't too good as the light here today is almost non existent.

Well how cold is it today? I nearly went and snuggled up with DD earlier on. She is on nightshift and really has trouble getting off to sleep when she gets in bed as she is so cold. Her Dad and I bought her an electric blanket for Christmas which we switch on for her a couple of hours before she comes in and she is sleeping like a log now.
I think I would probably spontaeously combust if we had one........I have enough trouble with my own personal micro climate going on........except on days you need it like!!!

It's driving me nuts having hubby at home......sure you all know that feeling. He is a bit set in his ways with regards mealtimes and HAS to have breakfast, lunch and dinner at the time he likes to have them and he likes to know the day before what he is having. Me......I am a bit come day, go day and just eat when I am ready and have whatever I fancy. He's got me run ragged with cooking every day......up and down two flights of stairs. He'll go back to work looking like a stuffed turkey and I shall look like a scrawny chicken by the time I'm done.....which maybe ain't a bad!!!
I really had to put my foot down yesterday to get a whole day up in my workroom and the big box of cards I envisioned making while I was off amounts to the twelve I did yesterday. Oh well I wouldn't be without him......unless someone makes me a good offer of course.

Best go and put his nibs' rice on to cook then.
Bye for now


  1. Love the silhouette done on the cricut (haven't got that cart). Happy New Year. x

  2. Ah yes, it's lovely having your family round you but they do get under your feet don't they?! Here's to a happy and creative 2009! Kate


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