Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas Presents!!!

I hope everyone is having as wonderful a Christmas as we are here in the Manic household.
We had a fab lunch yesterday.....cooked by hubby who after 32 years of being told.....finally got the hint that I hate turkey and cooked a chicken instead.
I then spent a lovely afternoon in the kitchen preparing a buffet tea as DS and his girlfriend were coming over. We had a really great evening with them and were quite sad when they had to go home.
Today has been quiet and relaxing. I have been playing on the Expression and trying to get to grips with all it's features........still need a bit more practice!!!

Santa must have been well impressed by my behaviour this year as I have been spoilt rotten with crafty gifts and smellies in the form of lotions,potions and candles.
I've taken pics of some of my crafty pressies......yes these are just some of them.

I am so incredibly lucky to have people who know me so well.

Stamps from Deb, DD and Hubby.
Tim Holtz Goodies from DD.

Papers from Deb, DD and Hubby.

Ink Pads from DD

Glimmer Mists from DD
I was also lucky enough to get heaps of my favourite Yankee Candles in the most delicious scents and to feed my new found passion I got lots of Sanctuary Spa goodies. Have you smelt that stuff? Honestly it is just divine. I have to be the most 'ungirly' girl I know. Never been one for slapping on moisturisers and creams but hoooooey......... you should see me!!! Anyone know where I can get it by the tanker load?!!!

I have to say though that pressies aside the best thing about Christmas was seeing DS and his girlfriend so happy together. We don't see them much as they both have very demanding jobs with long hours and their free time is precious. I felt so emotional to see my lad all grown up and cherishing his girl.......oh gawd get me a tissue!!!
Well I am off to tidy all the card away that I have been cutting up and I might do a bit of stamping and squirting if the mood takes me. If not I have until Jan 5th to do whatever I like so there's no rush.......alien words to!!!
Bye for now


  1. ooh all your new crafting stuff looks lovely, can't wait to see what you do with it! Hope you had a fab Christmas. I've got a blog award for you on my blog if you choose to accept it :-)

  2. Glad you had such a good Christmas and lots of crafty (and other) goodies - you deserve them. x


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