Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I Could Get Used To This!!!

I have to say that I am enjoying being at home and could very easily get used to it if given the!!!
I've spent the last couple of days pottering about tidying away some of the Christmas stuff such as........yet another poinsettia I have killed. I have one every year and every year they drop dead within days of coming into the house. They just don't like me I'm afraid.
Hubby has put me some new lighting in my workroom at last and today I have been up there making Easter cards. I managed twelve (two designs...six of each) before I got bored with the pastel colours but I am quite pleased with them.
Once they were done I did a bit of sorting out and getting rid of rubbish and I'm back off up there now to tidy up a bit ready for another cardmaking session tomorrow.
I've not touched any of my new stuff yet......still at the stroking, oohing and aaahing stage at the!!!

So the cards........
For the top set I used some cards from a DCWV set of cards and envelopes. I cut off the fronts and used a piece layered onto a piece cut from the back to make a tag. The eggs are a Sizzix die.
The second pair were made using K & Co Mat Pads and the egg is cut on the Cricut Doodlecharms cartidge.

Right I'm's flippin' freezing in this back room.
Bye for now


  1. lol...your cards are adorable Sheila! I had to laugh when you talked about your Poinsettia, mine die all the time too, actually most indoor plants. I think I have a brown thumb. Happy New Year my dear friend!

  2. Ey up you! Love the Easter cards.
    You and your Poinsettia sounds like me and miniature roses!!! I have loads of house plants but can't keep miniature roses LOL
    Have a happy and peaceful new year, matey :) xx


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