Friday, 5 December 2008

Bitsa Cards!!!

After sorting out my embellishments the other week I ended up with a couple of boxes like the one above which I filled with oddments. These are either stuff I don't like any more and am going to alter or ends of packets of things which I will use.........eventually.
So the cards I will be making for the next few days have been christened Bitsa Cards as they are made of 'bitsa this and bitsa that' from my oddment boxes.
The large chipboard shapes you can see in the box are being covered with papers to tie in with other bits being used up such as the Papermania papers, Laura Ashley flowers and Making Memories flowers and brads.

I am also going to be making a huge effort to use up what I can of the peeloffs I have left before binning the rest.
These cards will go into my box and will hopefully give me a good bit of stock for the local shop when the Christmas cards come back.
Made a start on the carpets today.....yay!!! Didn't do right through because hubby decided he was going to strip the wallpaper in the kitchen. I did refrain from doing him an injury with a handy!!! I made a very dignified exit to my craft room and stayed there until he'd finished.....after which I wasn't quite so dignified once I saw the mess he had made. Luckily I don't do visitors at Christmas so it can flippin' well stay like that until I have time to do something about it.
I also......shock/horror..........have done some Christmas shopping. Usually mine is left until the week of Christmas so this is well organised for!!!
Hubby went out and got the rooted Christmas tree for the garden which I have been wanting for...........oooooooh at least two years. He picked a real little beauty so I am chuffed to bits with that.
I am going to have a coffee and quick blog hop and then I shall be going back to my cards for a while.
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  1. Hope you're feeling a bit better. I know what you mean about the bits - I have a big box and keep promising myself I'll use them - love the bitsa cards xx

  2. Oooo, I envy your box of oddments! Great job using some stash on these two beautiful cards!

  3. Hope you are feeling better Sheila. That is a good idea of a 'Bitsa' box, I know I have loads but never think of using them. Will make it a New Years Resolution as I KNOW I have to have a ruthless sort out of my craft stash

    Christine xx

  4. What a great idea Sheila. I have stacks of stuff like this! Same as my box of cut offs of card. I never think of using them either.Linda (Tanda)


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