Saturday, 20 December 2008

Where Did The Week Go?!!!

Blimey.......last time I looked it was Monday and here we are at Saturday.
I've not made a single card all week as I have come over all 'Mrs Mop' and have been doing lots of cleaning both at the shop and at home. I must be insane as I was cleaning out kitchen drawers at half past eleven last if Santa will be looking in my kitchen drawers...I ask ya!!!
Hubby has asked me to wallpaper the dining area of the kitchen.....bless him...not!!!
I've told him that my next big job is a new patio with him as the!!!
So that is my job today. I am just waiting for him to come back from the butchers and then we have to nip out and get wallpaper and stuff.
I expect you are all just as busy.
Have a good weekend.


  1. Can you come and do my lounge when you've done your kitchen?

    There'll be sausage rolls...

  2. LOL...I am still chuckling about your poor woman! lol Good luck with whatever you decide to do!!!

  3. Happy Holidays to you Sheila! good on ya for doing so much cleaning! I have done some cleaning as I am on two weeks break...I dont even know if i will find the time to do some crafting as I am in the mood of cleaning and cooking, so so weird!
    Take care:)


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