27 August 2008

Whacked On Wednesday!!!

Cor blimey.......don't know what's up with me tonight but I felt absolutely shattered after I got home from work.
Managed to get my prep done for tomorrow's class and was just about to have a fiddle with something else when all the power went off. Had to negotiate two flights of stairs in the pitch black and then try to find some candles and something to light them with. Luckily power was back within half an hour but I've gone off the idea of starting anything now. Hubby is due home soon and we need to sit and have a serious chat about something so I am going to call it a day upstairs.

I have had a couple of queries regarding Bertha Big!!! Bertha is the new Mark 2 Cropadile which has a six inch reach rather than the one inch reach of the Mark 1 and it's proper name is a Big Bite. It punches holes in two sizes and sets eyelets and gromlets. Please don't search for it under the name Bertha. I name all of my big tools........Jimminy (Cricut), Sidney (Sizzix), Sally (Sidekick) etc.......just me being mad as usual.

Time to put the kettle on I think so see you tomorrow.
Bye for now.

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