Thursday, 21 August 2008

Decorating.......Over Rated......Lol!!!

Oh gawd........what a day.
I feel like I have slapped on at least 5 gallons of paint and the smell is just driving me mad. I know you can get low odour paint but I have tried it before and it doesn't quite come up to scratch for me so I stick with my liquid gloss........and the smell.
So top floor stairs woodwork is done plus all the skirting and three doors on the landing so tomorrow shouldn't be too bad with just two lots of architrave on the landing to finish, the bottom stairs woodwork and one more door. After that I have to paper the ceiling all the way down and then the walls. I do let myself in for jobs.

Anyway I don't have a pic to post tonight although I have made a new little project. I will wait and take a picture in the daylight as everything looks pink when I take pics at night.

Just a quick thanks to Jo who kindly left a message regarding my CD drive. I will be looking into that at the weekend.

Somehow the little project I did has left a BIG mess so I had best go tidy up.
Bye for now.

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