25 August 2008

Tidy......Moi.......Oh Yes!!!

Sorry no pics to blog tonight.........I have spent all day tidying up my workroom ready for going back to work tomorrow (can't believe 12 days have gone already). I shall need to be a bit organised as we have quite a few classes booked and prep is a nightmare if my work area is too untidy.
Didn't get everything done that I wanted to while I was off. Just felt too lacksadaisical and I think I was a bit over ambitious thinking that I would get all of the decorating done as it is a lot bigger job than I had anticipated. Ah well there are always the weekends and as long as it is done before Christmas I am not too fussed.
Right I am off for a bath and a read and then I have to prep for my class tomorrow afternoon as far as I can. I can only do so much as I have run out of the Basic Grey paper I need so will have to finish off at the shop in the morning while Deb does her class.
Bye for now

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