Sunday, 3 August 2008

No Christmas Today!!!

Well that's today's horrible job done. I got an order for a wedding card so thought I would get it over and done with this morning and leave myself the rest of the day to do what I want. I do so hate making wedding you all know by!!!
This one is for a musical couple so hopefully it will be OK.

Thanks to Jan for the info on what went wrong with my blog yesterday. I didn't know where to look for an answer after I had been all through the Blogger help site. Everything seems to be fine now.

I've made a bit of a mess in my new room as yesterday I was sorting out my cardstock again and cutting blank cards to save me doing them as I need them. So I have to tidy before I can do anything else. Don't you just sometimes wish you were Mary Poppins and could just click your fingers for it all just to jump back into place? I know I do.

Hubby is playing Super Chef today and cooking roast beef for our dinner......bless I'll get off and do some work until it's ready.

Thanks for dropping by.

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