Saturday, 2 August 2008


Testing, testing, 1 2 3

I am having a problem with my blog this morning. I keep getting an 'aborted' message when I try to access it and have had to visit another blog to get access to the Dashboard.
It must be just mine as I can access other peoples.

Anybody know what the problem could be? Please e mail me if this message manages to get posted.

Thanks in advance if you can help.



  1. Hi Sheila, I have had problems trying to view your blog today, just managed to get in at last.
    I love all your christmas cards so far, it looks as though there maybe another class to learn more techniques.
    Hope your blog is sorted now.
    Christine xx

  2. It is a problem relating to your site meter. an update with Javascript made many blogs, websites etc screw up. Its in the Microsoft forums. they are working on it and it should be fixed by now. I had no problem with my own blog but I don't use Sitemeter.


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