Sunday, 17 August 2008

Seeing Stars!!!

Morning.........or should I say......afternoon. Obviously blinked and missed the the!!!
Well as you know things didn't quite go to plan on Friday and I didn't get to make any cards at all. I got sidetracked by some cobwebs and doing more than my duty in the housewifey department. Then yesterday I went up to the workroom to make a start and was gathering all my stuff together and I walked into the wall where the ceiling starts to slope down and nearly knocked myself out. I ended up with the wowser of all wowsing headaches and I must have jarred my neck too. Anyway it was too painful to sit over my desk so I just ended up lolling about all day. This is about the third time I have walked into that bit of wall......wouldn't you think I would learn to duck?
By the early hours of the morning some of the pain had gone so I went up and did the wedding card above. I really, really, really do not like it so today it will be coming to pieces and will be redone.
I am working to a very strict brief on this one which I don't normally and the requested colour scheme is just plain horrible. Think I am going to be out of pocket on this!!!

Despite being in my fabby new room with oodles of space I was having trouble storing my papers so that they were easy to get at. So yesterday hubby trundled off to Argos for me and got me two gorgeous faux leather magazine racks and put all my 12 x 12 papers and card into them for me........absolutely fantastic. They are groaning at the seams a bit but everything went in.

Well I am off upstairs. I have just put the meat in for our late lunch and that should take long enough for me to go put this horrible card right.
See you later with a better version hopefully.
Bye for now.

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