Monday, 7 July 2008

Shattered Or What?!!!

Well I have spent the whole weekend moving all of the stuff out of my old workroom and boy am I shattered. I've certainly had my excercise for the next twelve!!!
Anyway it is all looking pretty smart up there now....not tidy enough to take photos just yet but I will as soon as it is totally finished.
I decided to go with red for accessories with the fabulous green on the walls so DD spoilt me rotten at the weekend and bought me a lovely big red bin, a clock, canisters for the tea and coffee and then she went to Dunelm for me yesterday to see if she could get me some red gingham curtains but she came back with the most gorgeous red housekeepers box.......which I thought at first was a mop!!! It has a big space in the bottom where I am going to store my brayers and then a tray which sits inside where I am going to keep things that I would normally have on the the hope that it will keep me tidy......yeah!!!
I'm off to do more stashing away of stash then.
Bye for now.

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