11 July 2008

I Think It's Nearly Finished!!!

Well I think I have just about got my room as I want it although I am sure there will be a few tweaks needed as I start to work in it.
I thought I would take a few pics to show you what it is like so far. This is the wonderful view I have while I am working.

The computer area....and you can just see where the ceiling starts to slope which is where I keep banging my head......ouch!!!

Moving left from the computer area. This is the alcove which was going to be for paper storage but has ended being used for stamps on the top bookcase with baskets holding glues, paints, painting mediums, spray inks etc in the unit below. The stack of twelve drawers holds ink pads and embossing powders and in the corner I have hanging storage for tools and things I don't need all the time.

Next to the alcove is basically a bit of a of the tweaks methinks. The chest of drawers holds all my ribbons in two drawers and DST, foam pads etc in the bottom one.
On top are storage units containing more ink pads, pens, chalks and other various stuff.

This is the dining table I pinched to work on. The drawer units hold frequently used tools and all my packaging. There is also my housekeepers box which you can just see where I keep odd things in the top tray including Bertha Big Bite.
To the side of the desk is a bookcase which holds all my dies and diecutting equipment.

This is Cricut corner. The worktop is protecting the top of the sideboard I nicked off the landing.
I removed the doors and stashed them away to enable me to keep my paper trimmers, scoring boards and various machines underneath with easy access.

On top of the worktop is this Ikea shelf unit where I keep most of my embellishments such as flowers, brads and eyelets, chipboard shapes etc.

Card and paper storage unit and storage boxes holding finished cards and much to my shame and embarrassment............a whole box of unfinished cards.
There are another couple of areas which wouldn't bear scrutiny at the moment. One has boxes of stuff I am taking to a car boot and the the other is a TV area if I want to take a break and watch a DVD. At the moment I sit on a pile of sleeping bags but I will be getting a chair at some point.
I have worked like a demon today so I am off to treat myself to a nice hot bath and a good read for half an hour and then I think I shall go and try to make some cards to see if my layout works.
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  1. i am so jealous wow and the view as well you must be so appy sue i

  2. looks fantastic Sheila :-). Keep up the good work. kerry x x x

  3. WOW, a wonderful view and a craft room 'to die' for. You are a lucky lady and whoever attends a car boot when you are there will be a very happy person.


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