Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Ooooop's...I Did It Again!!!

These stamps arrived at the shop today and were obviously orphans looking for a new Mummy to love and cherish lucky was I that they chose!!!
Aren't they just gorgeous? You can click on the pics for a closer look.
All I need now is some time to have a play with them.
The Artemio sets are about A5 size and are £8.99 a set.....what fantastic value eh?

No cards to post tonight as unfortunately the heat today just about slaughtered me and all I was fit for when I got home was a lie down on the bed near an open window......and guess who fell asleep and didn't wake up until nearly 10pm.
Hubby has gone to bed now as he is on an early shift so I don't want to start with the heat gun and stuff. I am just going to creep quietly upstairs and maybe design some templates for new cards or sort out some files on my computer......I'll see what I feel like when I get back up there.
I hope it's a bit cooler tomorrow as I just don't cope very well with hot weather and I have a class with eight ladies in the afternoon.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Sheila, what are you like but I realise the new stamps were looking for a new home, (lol)
    Heat got to me yesterday and again today but we musn't complain. Look forward to seeing samples from new stamps as and when you have time.

  2. ~waves~

    How cruel are you showing me those stamps??? You know what I'll have to do now don't you? Yup go and buy them!


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