25 July 2017

This Chaos I Can Cope With!!!

Hammering and banging, thumping up and down stairs. The hurried emptying of DD's wardrobe so that we could pull it out for the plumber to gain access to a small cupboard that has the shower pipe in it and me lovely clean house now looking like a dust pit.
I can cope with it....I really can....because it means we are so much closer to the bath going in.
There is a lot of preparation work going on. The shower cubicle and base are out and this afternoon a false wall will be dismantled after the shower has been removed and stored away safely to be refitted over the bath.
Some tiling will need to be done but as yet we don't know to what extent. We are hopeful that B&Q still have the large white tiles to match what we already have but if not we will have some kind of accent tiling done.
Roll on the weekend.

Good news about our neighbour. She is currently in the cottage hospital for a week. Her doctor is involved and a descision will be made about her care after she is discharged.
I am so relieved that she is getting the care she needs.

There isn't much I can really get on with for the moment. Just a quick clean up when the plumber leaves for the evening so I am doing a bit of Pinterest ooohing and aaaahing looking at Christmas crafts. Oh there some amazingly talented people out there. I'd need a mansion with forty rooms for all of the beautiful Christmas trees I have I desperately wish I had room for a Christmas model village.

DD picked up season three of Homeland and we watched some last night....we are loving it. So thanks to you all who let me know that you enjoyed it too.

Well the plumber is back from his lunch so I'll go and put the kettle on for him. He's a good lad so we like to look after him.

Have a lovely day.



  1. It will all be worth it in the end when you are soaking in a hot bath it will be a distant memory.

    1. Oh yes it will all be worth it M-x-

  2. Good news about the neighbour, I hope she's happy with whatever gets sorted for her. I really dislike chaos,but it'll be worth it xx

    1. Very good news Cheryl. I felt awful for not wanting to be involved but she needs the best care she can have.
      As this chaos is all in a good cause I have my big girl knickers on and am putting up with it-x-

  3. I have chaos here too, there is a sofa blocking the front door, with the sitting room door propped up on it,waiting to be rehung the other way round!The rest of the furniture is in the craft/dining room till the carpet is laid today (fingers crossed). Sigh, it will all come good in the end.

    1. That's what I keep telling myself will all come good in the end.
      Hope your carpet get's laid-x-


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