Thursday, 27 July 2017

Bang, Crash, Wallop!!!

Today we have had the thunder that was predicted for us about three weeks ago. Honestly....anyone else that bad at their jobs would be fired wouldn't they...ha, ha, ha.

I'm very late blogging today but Ruby has been here since early this morning. I had plans for entertaining her but she had her own plans which involved half an hour of You Tube, a film and a bath. The rest of the time has been taken up with drawing, playing Ants In Your Pants and Sweetie Swoop board games and dancing.
She has gone home a happy girl with spending money for her holiday and instructions to collect some shells and a piece of driftwood for Ganma.
I won't see her for two weeks now 😟

The plumber has gone for the time being and we won't see him again until Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when the wall panels arrive. We can use the bath in the meantime so I will be heading up there before long.

Andy is not now working a week of his holiday so I shall have him at home for two weeks from next week. Hopefully my jobs will get done that I have planned for him namely shelving out the cupboard in the kitchen so that I can store things better and levelling the side of the garden that never makes it into the photos. Fingers crossed he is in the mood to do them.

Well there are some very black clouds rolling in so I expect we have not seen the last of the thunder for today. I'd best turn the computer off for a while as I don't want it frying if the lightening strikes the sub station as it has done a million times before.

Hope you are all safe and dry.


  1. Goodness...thunder up yonder...I hope Sonshine is home safe! See Grandad has two weeks to get the house ship shape for Ruby's return. Never played ants n your pants...interesting! x

    1. Gaudy cardboard pants with either ants or anteaters on the back. You throw a coloured dice and pick up the corresponding colour of pants. If you get ants you have to save them until you get an anteater to be able to get rid of them. The one with the least ants at the end of the game wins. Ruby loves it.

  2. Enjoy your bath, Sheila. It's my greatest miss when I'm on holiday with showere facilities. Glad you had such a good day with Ruby today. We are going to need new central heating-nightmare in terms of upheavaletc. Catriona

    1. I have just realised that my last bath was 3,000 miles away in New York.
      We need to replace some radiators so not quite so bad a new central heating system-x-

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much too-x-


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