Saturday, 22 July 2017

A Bit Of A Nightmare!!!

Friday evening just as we were about to think about having tea we had a call from an elderly neighbour up the road to say that she had fallen and needed help getting up and would Andy please come and help her. Unfortunately Andy was out running an errand so DD and I had to go up and see if we could help.
We managed to get her up on to the sofa eventually but she had really hurt herself and I was concerned in case she had broken anything. It was very hard to tell as she is in so much pain anyway from arthiritis. She wouldn't let me call an ambulance or a doctor so we settled her as best we could and promised to go back later and settle her for the night which we did and in all I think we spent about six hours with her and had to end the day by locking her in her own home for the night and then go back this morning to check on her.
Her sister has visited for an hour this morning and then buggered of and left her even after seeing the state she is in and so now the lady is phoning us all the time to go and help her use her commode and everything. We really don't know her that well and I am so worried about it. I think I am going to have to phone her doctor on Monday and see if anything can be done because she isn't fit to be left to see to herself and with my back problems I daren't keep lifting her. She either needs round the clock care or she needs to be in a home but that is not our decision to make.
What a nightmare.

I did have a very enjoyable morning/early afternoon looking after my girls today though. I don't think Marlowe stopped smiling from the time I got there until the time she went for her nap after dicovering that covering your legs in bracelets and bangles is great fun.
Ruby entertained herself by throwing little toys that looked like nothing more than lumps of snot at the wall and watching them creep down the wall. Made me feel quite she found it hilarious.

Some shopping had to be done as we were in town and I knew I would be exhausted by the time we got home so I picked up pizzas and a tub of coleslaw for tea. I lazy am I....but at least it was ready in less than twenty minutes so that we could settle down to watch a film......or at least that is what we were going to do.....and then the phone rang with another call for help.

Anyway it will have to be an early night for me tonight as I am on child entertainment duties again in the morning and want to be up to get a shower before I go out.....hopefully one of the last ones I will ever have because the plumber says he is coming to start on the bath on Tuesday morning.

Hope you have all had a fabulous day.



  1. What a nightmare indeed, it is difficult I feel for the lady, I know it sounds harsh but you shouldn't be doing it, it sounds like she has to get help it is not fair if you have to keep doing that, I expect that won't be the end of it.x

  2. Would suggest not waiting until Monday. Sounds like the lady needs help now. Phone NHS 24. Then it is their responsibility to look after her. She most likely will be taken in to hospital, but that is positive as tests will be done to discover if there is a medical reason for falling, low blood pressure etc.give her physio, occupational therapy and decide if she needs carers going in, or needs more supported care.
    A simple thing like a urine infection can cause her to fall,be weak, a little muddled. Antibiotics can cure that.
    Oh no one should lift anyone, nursing staff use equipment for this. Your back is precious.

  3. Agree with Simple Living-and for goodness sake don't guve Socila Services your phone number. We've been through this with our neighbour and we didn't give permission only to discover she had put my DH as her first contact for the alarm system. I won't bore you with any more distressing details but, Sheila and family-Don't get made responsible. You could phone social services and ask to speak to the duty social worker/call an ambulance/the police. These are the services who need to become involved. ( We ended up changing our phone number!) Catriona

  4. Oh my goodness, it does sound a bit of a nightmare. The poor lady, how dreadful for her, but equally you can't have her calling you all the time and be responsible for lifting and moving her. I hope something gets sorted out and soon, keep us updated.
    Marlowe sounds so sweet with her jingly legs, makes me think of 'rings on her fingers and bells on her toes' x

  5. It's not only your back, you can do more harm than good picking someone up the wrong way. And if she comes to any harm, guess whose fault it'll be?

    Next time she phones, tell her you can't make it as you'r not very well yourself, and you're going to call an ambulance.

  6. Agree with Cumbrian, do not carry out any care for this lady!. Nothing at all!. You hurt her unintentionally moving her or she hurts you ,the most probable, you are liable, she could take you to court if she falls going on commode!.

  7. It was very nice of you to help out, Sheila, but I hope it doesn't become too much of a burden. You can't be popping over there all the time if regular help is what is needed. Hope it gets worked out.

  8. Just catching up Shelia, sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind get her family involved and then make it clear what you are happy to do to help, popping in once a week as a neighbour to chat or whatever you are comfortable with. Take care.


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