Friday, 21 July 2017


Good morning from a dull and very windy Staffordshire.

Today I have questions......

No 1.....Does anyone else have trouble with an Outlook e mail account?
I have not had mine long but twice now they have suspended my account saying that spam e mails were being sent from it. I rarely use it and only signed up for it to be able to carry on with my blog as my old e mail provider was shutting up shop.
The only e mails that go into that account are crafting updates from a quilting site and I have never used it to send an e mail.
It is really bugging me as I now have to wait for DD to get home before I can get a code sent to her mobile to unlock it.

No 2.....Has anyone watched all of the seasons of Homeland?
DD and I finished season 2 last night and loved it but reading the synopsis for season 3 I am wondering if it is one of those that gets really silly and annoying.
DD will be off to buy season 3 tomorrow and although we only buy box sets from That's Entertainment and they don't cost much I would rather spend our money on something else to watch if the rest of Homeland isn't up to scratch.
I would love your opinions.

Andy has to go to a funeral today so I will be taking advantage of the fact that he is not in bed to go and sort out some cardmaking stuff to bring downstairs and get it sorted out to wherever it will fit.
Once that is done I will be having a whirl round the living room with a duster and the hoover.

Tomorrow and Sunday I will be down at the Doodles entertaining Ruby and Marlowe for a couple of hours while DDIL does some work from home without any interruptions. I'm looking forward to that and as I will be in town already I will leave my shopping until tomorrow afternoon instead of making a special journey tonight.

That's Andy just gone off so I will go and do some ferreting about upstairs and get it done as he may want to go back to bed when he gets in.

Have a good day.



  1. I use Outlook and haven't had your problem, but lately I have had a banner of Adverts at the bottom of the page, which is such a nuisance. I think it may be because they keep pushing up grading to Premium for a price of course! We watched and loved Homeland but didn't bother with the last season as it was totally different and we didn't like it I think that was season 5
    Enjoy your card making and the grand kiddles!

  2. Never saw eye to eye with outlook....though I believe that's what's on my work laptop. Yahoo rules around here. Feeling very soggy today and had to take a detour home after work due to many flooded lanes. x

  3. I use outlook and no problems here touch wood. Mark has watched all the Homeland series and thought they were really good. I would dip in and out if I felt like it, but it's not something where you can really do that and totally get what's happening. I'd go ahead and buy it I don't think you'd be disappointed. xx

  4. Sheila, I've not had my comments published deite trying twice so this is a wee test, Catriona.

  5. Sheila, I have Office Outlook for email and that has been fine.
    As for Homeland, we loved it! Best thing for a very long time. Saw all 6 seasons but as season 7 was being shown on TV while we were still a few seasons behind, so to speak, we didn't watch or record it (pity we didn't record it, but we hadn't even started watching season 1 when that started, so had no idea it would be so good!) We are now waiting for Season 7 to be available on Netflix.
    Margaret P


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