08 July 2017

Fried To A Crisp!!!

Started today off with a loving relaxing meetup with my sister for coffee in town.
We had a good old natter and then a wander round the charity shops before I came home to do some prep for tea.
Out again then to Ruby's school fayre....a lovely afternoon of games and competitions, cupcakes and elderflower cordial followed by the sponsored run and lots of red in the face runners. I don't know how they did it in the crippling heat but they did.
Marlowe and I found a shady spot to sit for a little while....and it was only a little while as she soon wanted to be off and wandering.
Such a joy to spend a few hours with her.
Back home now and I feel like I have been fried to a crisp.

Just a quick and easy tea of BLT's tonight.
Tomorrow Andy is expecting a roast pork dinner but if it is as hot as it has been today there is no way that I will be able to cook it so I may just cook the pork and some stuffing and serve it in rolls with apple sauce.

For now I am just going to make myself a long cool drink and go see if there is room on either of the sofas to put me poor aching feet up for a while.

Happy weekend.


  1. What a lovely day Sheila. I've spent most of it stuck indoors doing jobs so I'm hoping the weather is still nice tomorrow so I can get in the garden for a while.

    The pork, stuffing and apple sauce rolls sound delicious. I should try and remember to do hot meat sandwiches more often. With a few trimmings they're a good Sunday lunch compromise. xx

    1. It was really nice Suzanne. I love school fayres. Mind you they are a lot more expensive now....£1.50 for a small shop bought cupcake.

      Hopes have been dashed of getting away with the rolls:(

  2. A lovely day. It's a long time since I've been to a school fayre but no doubt I will be helping out next year. I expect Marlowe has kept you on your toes.
    Please send some of your hot weather this way. X

    1. It was particularly lovely as Ruby's school is an old Victorian village school with it's own large field surrounded by huge trees....very quaint.

      You can have my hot weather with's too much for me-x-

  3. Just right for. Summer Saturday. x

  4. Sounds like a great day with the family. What time do you want me for the hot roast pork baps?

    1. You would have been very welcome M but he is insisting on the full Sunday roast-x-


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