Friday, 7 April 2017

Sewing Up A Storm!!!

Latest from my sewing machine........

.......two more little dresses for Miss Marly Moo.
I could make a ton of these as they are so quick and easy to make but when I think that she may only be in them for this summer.....maybe not as this is the largest size on the pattern.
Each dress takes just a metre of fabric with enough offcuts to cut a few squares for my growing stash of charm squares.
I need to challenge myself a bit now so the next dress I make for her will be a little more complicated and has some gathering on it so we'll see how I go with that.
Before I start on that I am going to cut all the fabric for my Beatrice apron/dress which will give me three to work on.
That will be my task for today as I have a good few hours at home alone with Andy at work until 7pm and DD going to the gym straight from work....she will arrive home just before Andy.

No cooking to do as Andy is having some of the cottage pie I made yesterday and and DD and I will have a sandwich I think with a bit of side salad......actually....thinking about it....there are some ciabatta rolls in the freezer and mozarella in the fridge so I may do tuna melts on the pannini grill......good thinking

If Mr Log Man keeps his noise down it could be a very nice peaceful day indeed....just the sound of my scissors snipping away and maybe the odd expletive if anything goes awry.

Have a fabulous Friday.


  1. Dear Sheila,

    Oh well done! Love those little dresses, not only are they pretty but so comfortable for little Miss Marly Moo. I don't like fussy clothes on little ones that are uncomfortable to play in.

    Beautiful sunshine and a breeze here so better get on and get my washing on the line.


    1. Thank you Sandy I like the comfort factor of them too.

      It's been gorgeous here today-x-

  2. Lovely colours and sweet little dresses

  3. Oh what sweet little dresses, how pretty xx

  4. Absolutely adorable little dresses!! I miss the days when Megan used to wear things like this!! xo

    ~ Wendy

  5. Beautiful dresses! They look so bright and colourful. Perfect for a little girl.


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