Thursday, 6 April 2017

A Bit Of A Shock!!!

Yesterday was just lovely.
I got a cake baked and then spent the rest of the day sewing the dresses for Marlowe.
At one point I was listening to Simon and Garfunkels' Bridge Over Troubled Water album which I love and I realised that the first time I listened to that album was when I was about fifteen......forty five years ago....forty five years for gawds sake.
Where did all that time go? I was shocked.

Usually I keep the laptop on all day just in case I need to look anything up or if I want to listen to some music on You Tube that I haven't got in my collection but I am getting very good now at switching it off. Yesterday it went off after I had done my blog post and it never went back on until 9pm. I am going to try and do that every day now....just think of the electricity I will save.....and the time....because once I get on You Tube I can be lost for hours.

Today I have a pack of minced beef and some veg that could do with being used up so I'll make a cottage pie for tea tonight and will probably have enough to put in the freezer for another meal.
We are all still wanting a hot meal at night as although the days are sunny at the moment...the nights are still quite chilly and it's nice to snuggle down to something warm and comforting.

Well I had best go and get chopping those veg and.....the job I hate most of all....peeeling potatoes.
I might just have a coffee first to get myself going
I hope you have the blue skies and fluffy white clouds that we have here this morning.



  1. It is easy to get lost on line I love youtube, blogging, instagram, ebay etc etc before you know it the day can be gone.x

    1. Got stuck on You Tube again today as I finished the sewing and put the computer back on....there is no hope for

  2. Lovely and bright but a tad chilly...determined to sit a while in the garden though after a tiring work day. x

    1. I can't believe I have been quite as cold as I've been today. a hot water bottle night I think.
      Hope you enjoyed your sit out in the garden....and I hope you had your vest

  3. When I pick up a laptop I'm somehow sucked into some sort of warp speed time. A quick 10 minutes can often turn into an hour which is why I'm trying not to pick it up as much during the day. Can't quite bring myself to turn it off completely though!

    I love Simon and Garfunkel - went to see them at the MEN a few years ago and they were brilliant.

    I don't mind peeling spuds but peeling and chopping carrots seems to take ages.

    Have a lovely weekend. xx

    1. Yep....same here Suzanne.
      It has been quite liberating to have it switched off and put up on the shelf out of the way.

      I have only ever been to one concert in my life....Rory Gallagher when I was about seventeen...I hated every minute of it and have never wanted to repeat the experience.

      Oooooh....I'll chop your carrots if you do my

  4. Cottage pie sounds good! I just looked up the energy usage for me - @ £1 a day. That's a lot of pennies! Thanks for the nudge! x

    1. Oh my life....just think of all the fabric I could have bought with all that money.
      Cottage pie was very good we really enjoyed it-x-


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