Saturday, 22 April 2017

Busy Doing Nothing!!!

Woke up feeling a bit bleurgh this morning so I have decide to just take the day as it comes.
There's nothing desperate needs doing on the home front apart from a quick go round with the hoover and maybe a flick with a duster so I don't feel too guilty.

Apart from putting the elastic into the waistband I have finished the maxi skirt for Ruby. I want to make a white lace trimmed crop top to go with it but I am waiting until I go to Birmingham on Tuesday  to see if I can get some broderie anglaise. The pattern I have is very simple so I think it will look really nice in that.
I have quite a list going of things to look for so I'll be happy if I manage to get it all.

No guinea pigs today.
Andy took Ruby down but they wouldn't let Andy bring any home because of the fact that we are going to be having some frosty weather and are keeping them outside. Ruby was fine with that...bless her.

Another tea requested by Andy today....he's getting awful bossy just He fancies corned beef with salad and new potatoes so that is what we will be having.

DD has been out to one garden centre this morning and has just gone back out to another on the hunt for a trough type planter for a collection of miniature sedums she bought the other day and she also wants to find a low growing white clematis which can be grown up an obelisk.
She really is into her gardening now after years of having no hobbies other than books and films.

Well Andy is back from town so I suppose I should find some energy to go and make a coffee for us both.

Hope you have some sunshine today....we have some but it is still very cold.


  1. I am having one of these days as well Shelia, no point in doing much when you don't have the energy, there's always another day tomorrow xx

    1. Awww sorry you are having a bleurgh day too Marlene.
      I don't feel ill at all just lifeless and lacksadaisical.
      Hope you feel better soon-x-

  2. When we bought our baby guinea pigs on a May Bank Holiday we had to keep them indoors for a few weeks until they were big enough to stand the weather outside. In winter I bubbled wrapped their cage to keep them warm - must have read that on the internet. Bless Ruby for being so patient - not the easiest for thing for children to be where pets are concerned. xx

    1. The guinea pigs we are having are fully grown Suzanne but they have been kept indoors so I can see why they have said we can't have them until the frost has passed. They should be nice and snug when they get here and I will remember that tip about bubble wrapping the cage....brilliant.
      Yes Ruby is very patient for a child of her age-x-

  3. Hope you feel a little brighter soon, this sudden dip in the weather is not helping. Pets seem to be on the agenda Wilbur and Hector have just had a rabbit but it is an indoor one.

    1. Feeling much better today thank you although I wish I could get warm. It's so flippin' cold here even though it's sunny.
      Hope the weather is good in your beautiful corner of the world-x-


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