Monday, 3 April 2017

A New Week Full Of Possibilties!!!

The second week of April looks to be off to a good start with some  bright sunshine and in honour of this lovely day I have swapped my usual uniform of trousers and top for a skirt and a bright pink tee shirt. 
Hardly a whiff of breeze but I will hang out the laundry this may pick up a bit.

Early morning hugs and kisses from my beautiful Ruby have set me up for the day and I am good to go now on all the jobs I have on my list for today.
Ruby has requested her favourite chicken and leek pie for tea tomorrow so the filling will be made today.
Laundry, hoovering up after the dog....again and a bit more tidying away of stuff on the landing which is still there from the bedroom move.
Hopefully once that is all done I will have time to get this............

......cut and pinned ready to sew.
I made ten metres of the binding yesterday which should be plenty but I have more fabric prepared to make extra if needed.
I used a new method of making binding which I had seen on You Tube and now I have the hang of it I will be using it all the time. It takes just one fat quarter of fabric to make 4-5 metres of binding and you only have to sew two seams.
Here are the links to the videos

Part One
Part Two

I found it a bit tricksy at first but once I got the hang of it I had ten metres made in next to no time.

Just waiting for Andy to get back from town so that we can have our coffee together before I do anything else.

Hope the sun is shining on your corner of the world.


  1. That material is just lovely, beautiful colours and print. The binding will really set it off.

    1. Thanks Sooze.
      It's not my normal kind of thing but I do love it-x-

  2. It's been lovely here as well, 2 lines of laundry dried in the fresh air. What a brilliant start to your week, Ruby will be looking forward to her pie tomorrow xx

    1. It was gorgeous wasn't it Cheryl?
      I had the doors and windows open all day until tea time-x-

  3. The fabric looks gorgeous! Thank you for the links - I have bookmarked them. Good luck with the baking x


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