Thursday, 22 November 2012

Copped Out!!!

Today I copped out of doing the spare room as DD was in bed after her night shift and by the time she gets up it's hardly worth starting anything. Instead I have been crafting away on some filling up Christmas cards for the shop stand for next week. Unfortunately I have missed the light now for taking pics so I'll do those tomorrow when I get back from shopping.
It's been pretty grim outside today so I'm glad I didn't have to go anywhere. We've had rain and quite scary wind going on.
Inside is now all twinkly and festive as DD has put up the Christmas tree. I love the silver we have changed to this year but the teal is a little bit lost against the green of the tree. Nice but not quite the impact I had hoped for so I think next year it be all silver with some splashes of white.
Well Mr Manic will be home in an hour or so and I had best go and sort out something for tea. I haven't even given it a thought until now as to what we will have so whatever it is it will have to be quick and easy.
Tara for now.

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