25 November 2012

Christmas No 16!!!

One more for the Cricut Winter Woodland folder.
Super cute snowman done in sort of folky type colours.
I think the snowflake I used to stamp with was a Papermania one...not 100% sure on that though.
Paper is Dovecraft.

I've not got on in the craft room as much as I would have liked to today as I had to spend the morning tidying up bags and boxes of stuff we'd bought down from the spare room to be distibuted to it's rightful place. Boy did that take an age or what? This house is not overblessed with storage space but I think I nailed it in the end.....I just daren't open certain!!!
The big tidy up was in honour of Miss Doodle and her mummy who popped round for dinner. They didn't stay too long though as Ruby is going through a bit of a phase at the moment of being frightened of things. It started off with fireworks when we had a little bonfire party on November 5th. She was terrified and I had to bring her inside and put a film on so that she couldn't hear them. Now, as well fireworks, she is frightened of puddles, spiders, Christmas trees and the initial lighting of the fire when the sticks crackle. I didn't know about that and lit the fire after lunch and she started crying and wanted to go home. Poor little sausage. I hope it's a phase that passes quickly.

Well while the chilli is for tea tomorrow is bubbling away I am off for a shower and then I won't be long out of bed as Ruby will be here all day tomorrow so I shall need to be up early.
Thanks for dropping by.

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