08 November 2009

Peeled Paint Santa!!!

I've put tonight's card on my other blog HERE

Been having a bit of me time yesterday and today as when I got home from work last night I felt like I had been kicked in the face by a very large donkey. I have the hugest cold sore........well actually due to it's size it could well be another head growing.......ha ha ha!!! Gawd it doesn't half hurt. I thought I had grown out of them as I haven't had one for absolutely ages.......guess I was wrong.
Didn't get up to my workroom until after X Factor but I still made five cards before I went to bed.

Talking of X Factor.........I think the judges must be listening to something totally different to what we are listening to. They thought Jamie was fantastic while hubby, DD and I thought it wasn't the best song choice. On the other hand they didn't rate Lloyd and we loved his performance last night.
I used to love the film Ghostbusters but I'll never be able to watch it again after seeing that ridiculous performance by Jedward.....dreadful.
Anyway not long to wait for the results show and we may be lucky and get rid of them tonight.

ETA..........that result was just WRONG!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear you've been hit by the monster that is the CS! Hope it heals very quickly for you.
    Oh what a night! Jedward gone, surely?!
    Keryn x

  2. Hope the Cold Sore goes away just as quick as it came. Lovely card.

  3. Ooh that sounds nasty Sheila, I've never had a cold sore but have heard they can be really horrid ! Hope it goes really quickly. Will pop over to your other blog now to see your card. Sue x


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